Nursery school and playschool in Via Banfo Torino

Location: Torino
Client: Città di Torino settore Edilizia Scolastica
Year: 2014

The intervention in question is part of a wider redevelopment plan of an urban area of approximately 40,000 square metres, in which GT is intervening on several areas including that which will hold the new scholastic building which will hold a nursery school and playschool. With a U-shape layout, the latter will be located within an area which is greatly compromised by an environmental point of view of the pre-existing industrial sites found there previously (former Incet). In order to resolve these problems, the current construction process is characterised by a number of environmental and aesthetic development works and aimed at completely eliminating all traces of the past. Designed on principles of environmentally-friendly construction, the building in question will be constructed according to processes that respect the environment, using eco-sustainable materials and products and plant engineering systems that aim to make an important contribution to maintaining energy consumption to a minimum.


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