Alba Serena di Bruino Primary School

Location: Bruino (TO)
Client: Comune di Bruino
Year: 2010

The school was built in an area of great residential development, using the very latest technology in sound-proofing and energy savings. Natural materials were used, such as laminate wood (the load-bearing structure and intrados covering), linoleum in a variety of colours and a large amount of glass, all of which have helped create the ideal location for students.

Natural colour paints were used to improve the quality of interiors and exteriors. The large entrance hall, vital to the structure and directly illuminated by the large, pyramid-shaped skylight above, is perfect for educational activities and can even accommodate large groups at any moment of the day.

The spacious exteriors are shaded by trees and rich in greenery making them ideal for outside educational activities.

Surface : mq 792


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