Preservative restoration and construction of a new attic in the Carlo Emanuele I Gallery in Palazzo Madama in Turin

Location: Torino
Client: Città di Torino settore Edifici per la Cultura
Year: 2015

Piazza Castello has always been the beating heart of the city and here are all the most important historical and artistic buildings, starting from the Gate of the Roman city towards the Po River (Porta Decumana), below today’s Palazzo Madama.
The tender includes the completion of the archaeological excavations of the last portion of the Gallery, named after Carlo Emanuele I, right up to Palazzo Madama, the recovery of the Roman wall, foundation interventions and the realisation of a new roof to complete that already existing. In this context, the recovery of the basement of the Carlo Emanuele I Gallery takes on an important role as it bears tangible witness to how the underground path between Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madame appeared between 1600 and 1800, founded on the remains of the ancient Roman walls that surrounded the City.

The chance to make the Gallery open to visitors again offers the opportunity to recover a charming and important area that can be reached directly from the “Castle Gardens” of Palazzo Madama.



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