Extraordinary maintenance of Primary Schools in the City of Turin

Location: Torino
Client: Città di Torino sett. Edilizia Scolastica
Year: 2002/2013

Primary Schools
Scuola Materna via E. Poma
Scuola Materna via E. Rubino
Scuola Materna via Forno C.se
Scuola Materna via Monte Novegno
Scuola Materna via Brissogne
Scuola Materna via Boston
Scuola Materna via Rovereto
Scuola Materna via Vandalino
Scuola Materna via Monte Cristallo
Scuola Materna via Germonio
Scuola Materna via Deledda
Scuola Materna via delle Primule
Scuola Materna via delle Verbene
Centro di Cultura Ludica via Druento

Between 2000 and 2010, our company has undertaken work in many council-run primary schools.

All the buildings have been built on one floor above ground, and basically have the same architectural structure, divided into four areas (which is why they are known as “Four-leaf clovers”): three used for the sections and one for general services and the kitchen area. Generally speaking, there is also a guardian’s lodgings.

The interventions include the renovation of bathrooms, the compartmentalisation of the kitchen and + annexes, fire prevention and alarm systems, various building and plant engineering works.

These interventions had an unusual aspect – they were carried out on a functioning school, therefore paying particular attention to the needs dictated by the directors of the various structures. The presence of the pupils requires particular attention to be paid while the various works are being carried out.


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