New residential construction Rivalta di Torino

Location: Rivalta di Torino (TO)
Client: ATC di Torino
Year: 2012

The realisation of this new 3-floor construction is residential, including 33 homes complete with underground garage and annexes.

The building is in a C shape, and though it appears to be in a single block, in actual fact it is made up of three separate segments linked by a single roof, the continuity of which tends to reinforce the unitary aspect of the complex.

The use of bioclimatic architecture, through the use of natural materials, the application of greenhouses on the balconies to take full advantage of the thermal energy and light of the sun, facilitates control of the internal micro-climate, minimising the use of mechanical systems and maximising the efficiency of the temperature differences between the building and the environment. Particular attention has been focused on realising homes that are accessible to the disabled.

MQ 3.234


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