Extraordinary maintenance of the Botanical Gardens of the University of Turin

Location: Torino
Client: Università degli Studi di Torino
Year: 2008

The Royal Botanical Garden of Turin was established in 1729 by Vittorio Amedeo II to cultivate, study and introduce plants. Today, after almost three centuries, it carries out its function in the charming Valentino Park.  

The intervention carried out as part of the extraordinary maintenance of the university buildings concerned the roofing of the historical building, the reconstruction of some internal areas and in particular the renovations of the eaves of the Aula Magna.

The building is protected by the Superintendency.

The most sensitive intervention was that of the complete reconstruction of the tile roofing, re-using ancient roof tiles which were used to finish the intervention, following the replacement of the small plot and the lower tiles.

The renovation of the internal eaves of the great hall was carried out by specialised and authorised experts collaborating with our company.

Mq coverage 1.400
Mq external scaffolding 1.800



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