Monumental illumination of the Forte di Bard

Location: Bard (AO)
Client: Finbard spa
Year: 2006

The Bard’s Fort was founded as a medieval Castle to control the main roads of the San Bernard and Canavese passes; over the centuries, it was subject to a number of sieges and was razed to the ground by Napoleon; it was reconstructed by King Carlo Felice in 1838.
The lighting installed appears “as if lit by the full moon”.
A variety of lighting bodies were used, depending on distance and location: long-distance illumination was carried out with projectors placed at the entrance and exit of the motorway, on the eaves of the power station on the state road, on the east ridge of the Bard village and on the pole found in the council of Hone near the level crossing; various lighting systems were installed within the site of the fort: one of the most noteworthy is that realised with optic fibres hooked up to the guttering placed specifically by Philips.

The entire installation is subtended to a remote control system that can manage a series of illumination “scenes”.



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