Extraordinary maintenance for the IV Novembre Barracks Morelli di Popolo


Location: Torino
Client: Ministro della Difesa 1° Reparto infrastrutture
Years: 2013/2014

The IV Novembre Building subject to intervention, as part of the complex of the Morelli di Popolo Barracks, dating back to the early 20th century, is still today subject to Monument Constraints by the Office for Architectural and Landscape Property.

This intervention, born from the need to modernise and create small lodgings for the soldiers of the Ward, with a total of 32 beds with bathroom, has led to the total demolition (both from the construction and plant engineering points of view) of the existing location on the first floor and its complete reconstruction, in order to adapt both the functional layout of the interior as well as the regulative one of the areas and systems.

To this end, we set up a new fire alarm system, a new electric system, and a forced air extraction system for the bathrooms with pre-set up for future expansion on the second floor.
The intervention in general regarded the entire building, from the ground floor to the top floor.

Overall surface area of the lodgings intervention: square metres 700
Overall surface area for the plant engineering intervention: square metres



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