Extraordinary maintenance and adaptation to regulations for Town Libraries and Archives in Turin

Location: Torino
Client: Città di Torino settore Edifici per la Cultura
Year: 2015

In general, the intervention regards the renovation and the extraordinary maintenance of the buildings used as Libraries subject to protection by the Superintendency.
The project foresees, among other things, the renovation to safeguard and valorise the mural on the access stairway, work by the contemporary artist G. Soffiantino of the Geisser Town Library designed by Architect Renato Ferrero in the 1950s, as premises of the Provincial Butchers’ Association and currently property of the City of Turin.

Other interventions of particular technical importance will be the reinforcement of the vaults and the roofs of the structure known as “arancera” in the Rignon Park in Turin, part of the Villa Amoretti Town Library and the reinforced concrete structures of the roof of a 1,878 square metre 1930s building, used by the libraries.

Surface mq 8500


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