Superelevation of the “F.I.O. ’86” pavilion of the Molinette hospital in Turin

Location: Torino
Client: Università degli studi di Torino
Year: 2014 

The superelevation of the Pavilion used for the Ward of Onco-haematology and Medicine, also known as Pavilion “F.I.O. ’86”, founded by the cooperation between the University of Turin and the San Giovanni Battista Health Authority of Turin – Molinette Hospital is aimed at creating new areas for oncological research.

From the structural point of view, the building site, currently in progress, foresees the realisation of a new load-bearing structure in steel, made up of pillars (HEM600) and primary-secondary beams (IPE 600-400) for an overall amount of 350 tonnes of iron as well as the superelevation of stairways already in existence.

The filling in of the façade in pre-fab panels, steel fittings, interior dividing walls in laminate and chipboard, flooring (PVC and ceramic), fibre ceilings, etc. will complete the work from the construction viewpoint in all of its aspects, bringing forth areas for laboratories, studios, research rooms – over 2,300 square metres overall as well as 1,600 square metres of areas left as they are, for subsequent transformations.

The movement of all air treatment machinery (UTA) from the existing floor to the new roof, the realisation of the air conditioning and air treatment systems of the new rooms, the electrical systems including the realisation of a new transformation room, and the water-heating-sanitation systems complete the work from the plant engineering point of view.

Overall surface area of the intervention: 3,900 square metres

Overall surface area of the interventions on the existing systems (UTA): 3,200 square metres
Surface area of the façade scaffolding and security measures: 9,000 square metres



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