Special maintenance works at Palazzo del Ghiaccio (the Ice Rink) in Corso Tazzoli, Turin

Place: Torino
Client: SCR Piemonte
Year: 2018

The project comprises the performance of construction works and the installation of systems at the Ice Rink in Corso Tazzoli.

The construction works envisaged range from structural repairs and reinforcement, to the application of resin to the rinks, the installation of new waterproofing and rubber flooring, the installation of sub screening on the exterior walls and windows.

The most particular feature of the project is the systems, which require personnel with a high level of specialisation, in consideration of the special and unique nature of the building.

Work will be carried out on the electrical wiring system (photovoltaic, audio, lighting), and on the mechanical fluid systems (air treatment, HVAC and production of ice))


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