Recovery of a block of buildings in the Former Incet Zone in Turin

Location: Torino
Client: Città di Torino settore Edifici municipali
Year: 2013 in progress

The recovery of the block of buildings between Via Banfo, Via Cervino, Via Cigna and Corso Vigevano, around 40,000 square metres of council property, originally completely occupied by the Former Incet industrial complex, foresees interventions to construct a multifunctional centre of integrated services for the community, to include in the complex of industrial buildings located in the centre of the block.
The 2nd lot included in this intervention proposes the complete recovery of the existing buildings, integrating the equipment of the future multifunctional centre with further services that will include the ground floor of the East wing, areas for religious ceremonies, on the first floor areas for public use. The Central wing will become an internal courtyard, onto which the various entrances to the new multifunctional centre will face.
The Northern part of the complex (Via Cervino side) will host part of the technical rooms and accessories required for the services found in the adjacent wings.
The intervention should therefore be completed by the superficial set up of all the exterior areas of the block, guaranteeing full use of the services already activated; new carparks will be set up as well as areas connecting the various areas included.
The building will be given A+ energy classification.



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