“Italo Calvino” Town Library in Turin

Location: Torino
Client: Città di Torino settore Edifici per la Cultura
Year: 2007

The intervention foresees the recovery of a 19th century building which was originally used as an industrial tannery building, to construct a spacious town library, suitable for people of all ages, and above all, technologically advanced; in particular, we highlight the realisation of domotics installations to control and better manage electrical and heating consumption (supervision systems). The security systems have been integrated with the realisation of complex CCTV systems which allow the remote viewing of the alarms and can interact with the systems found inside the building, while for public security highly technological smoke alarms and fire extinguishing systems have been realised. Works of art inside and out of the building complete the high quality level of the work undertaken.

Surface mq: 3.120



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